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A House or an apartment: What to buy?

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What would be a better buy: a house an apartment? It is a question every residential property buyer grapples with during the home search process. You need to consider a few things to find an answer to this question.

house or apartment

Your family requirements

If you have a nuclear family then an apartment is a better choice, because the family size may not change much over time. Moreover, children and elderly have more people to interact in an apartment building.

what to buy : house or an apartment

A house is a better option if you have a large family. The family size will increase over time and a house would provide you with the option for further construction.

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Your daily schedule

what to buy apartment or a house

Another point to consider is your daily schedule. If you have a busy work schedule and long working hours then an apartment would be a better choice. More so if your spouse also has a similarly busy schedule. Apartments don’t require much personal attention and most of the maintenance aspects are taken care of by the builder or the Residents Welfare Association (RWA).

If you or your spouse has some time to spare in your daily schedule then a house is the better option. A house requires personal attention. You can address issues like building repairs, plumbing, security, local property tax payments, and other such matters.

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Apartment complexes typically have more amenities like swimming pool, club, jacuzzi, gymnasium, jogging tracks. If you are a socially active person but don’t have the time to visit faraway society club or a gymnasium,  then an apartment would be right for you.

A house, on the other hand, is more suitable for you if you like to spend more time with your family than those outside. A house is better if you are fond of organizing social gatherings as it has more space.

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Financing the purchase

what to buy : a house or an apartment

Another important aspect to consider is how are you going to finance the purchase of property? If you are going to pay from your own finances then it is not a factor except the cash component of the deal. But if you are going to finance it with a home loan then it is usually easier to get a loan for an apartment than a house.

Most banks have a list of pre-approved apartment complexes and getting a home loan for buying an apartment in these projects is easy provided you meet the basic conditions. I have written an article on home loan eligibility that you can read if you wish to know more about it. You can also use the EMI calculator to find your expected EMI.

Banks are more scrutinizing when looking at a house loan. They survey the property and the whole process takes longer due to each house being different. Higher scrutiny often means slimmer chances of home loan approval.


What to buy: A house or an apartment? The answer to this question is based on your family requirement, your daily schedule, amenities that you want and last but not the least how you are going to finance the purchase.

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  1. It definitely depends on your situation and your needs to know what is best for you. You have to analyze your situation first to help you decide what to do. Great blog by the way and thanks for sharing!

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