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Property Dealer: 6 good reasons why you need one!

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Property Dealer: 6 good reasons why you need one!

Property dealer is a person who acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller of a property. There are very few property transactions in an individual’s lifetime.

property dealer


An individual can, therefore, benefit from the dealer’s experience when buying or selling real estate.  Here are the advantages of taking the services of a property dealer.

Shortlisting Properties

property shortlist

A real estate agent can help you shortlist the most suitable properties that meet your requirement. Suppose, you have an elderly person in the family who requires frequent medical attention or you wish to leave your toddler in a daycare because both you and your spouse are working, the dealer may show you a project that has an in-house nursing-home for the elderly or a day-care center for the child.

Property Dealer also ensures that the shortlisted properties have a clean title with papers in order. Local laws vary from place to place and it is advisable that you seek expert guidance while transacting in a property.

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Property Valuation

property valuation

One of the first things that you need when buying or selling real estate is a price estimation. The property dealer is in a better position to evaluate the actual market value of the apartment, house, shop or land that you wish to buy or sell. The agent uses his/her personal experience and also the dealer network to arrive at an estimate.

Site visit

site visit

Most owners who put up their property for sale prefer to go through property dealers because they usually have busy schedules and may not be able to arrange a site visit for you on short notice. A real estate agent, on the other hand, can arrange a site visit easily and co-ordinate with the owner for a final meeting, once the buyer wishes to buy the property.

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Final Negotiations

final negotiations

The property dealer fixes a meeting between the two and arranges for the buyer, the registry deed, local tax receipts, and clearance papers. Upon satisfaction, the property dealer helps close the deal by guiding the parties involved at arriving at a mutually acceptable price.

Transfer of Property Title

Once the initial financial transaction has taken place, the next step is the signing of the sale agreement and registration of the transaction with the local authority which is also called a registry. The property dealer prepares the necessary documents and obtains the signature of the buyer and the seller.

Once the documents are ready, they are submitted to the registrar’s office and the registry copy is obtained in a week’s time. The transaction is complete.

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Future Requirements

After you have purchased the property you may want to rent it out or give it on a lease. In such case, the property dealer can find a suitable tenant for your property. In fact, most property dealers provide references for peripheral services like painting, interior woodwork, electrical fittings, etc to get your property ready for rent.

If you have bought the property as an investment then you can ask the property dealer to look out for a good deal. The property dealer, therefore, is also your investment consultant. To read more about real estate investing you can read the article on investing in property.


The advantages of dealing through a property dealer are many. Starting from shortlisting properties, property valuation, site visit, final negotiations and up to transfer of title, the real estate agent renders his/her expert services.

One should also keep in mind that property transactions are usually high-value ones and mistakes can prove costly. Therefore it is advisable to take the services of a property dealer or a real estate agent. To share this article on social media use the sharing buttons below.

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