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PropertyHome Realty

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PropertyHome Realty endeavors to address your property requirements and deliver the most suitable solution.

propertyhome property dealer

About Us

PropertyHome has tied up with a number of construction companies with a proven track record to get you the property of your dreams. We have ready-to-move options and also under construction projects.

Our Team

Founded and led by Mr. Raj Singh Jakhar, we are a dedicated & experienced team of real estate professionals who will provide you the most suitable solution to your property requirement. There are many properties available in the market but the ones that meet your budget, investment or family requirement are very few.

Why take the services of a real estate agency

Given the recent commitment and delivery issues with some construction firms, it is advisable to seek professional guidance in finalizing a property.

propertyhome property dealer

We ensure that your hard earned money is well spent and is a sterling investment for you. Real Estate is one of the few investment options that provide a stable return over a long time period.

If we compare a real estate investment with another investment option gold, while gold will give you liquidity and appreciation, property gives you shelter as well as value appreciation.

There is an adage in Real Estate which goes like this “Real Estate is a product whose production has stopped millions of years ago”. So it can only increase in value because supply remains the same while demand (population) keeps increasing.

Where and what do we deal in

PropertyHome Realty is a preferred channel partner of the hot-selling projects in Noida, Noida Extension, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad and the rest of the NCR region. Whether it is an apartment, flat, penthouse, plot, house, shop or office you are looking for, PropertyHome will get you the best deals.

propertyhome property dealer

Seeking expert guidance in property transactions is recommended as real estate transactions are typically high value and mistakes can prove costly.

Buying/selling property for most individuals is an infrequent affair and an expert has the necessary experience to guide you through the whole process. The real estate agent’s fee is well worth it.

To avail our services you can call us at 9899011510


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