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Under construction vs ready to move apartment

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With a plethora of options available in the real estate market, the question that all buyers face is whether to buy an under construction or a ready to move apartment.

under construction vs ready to move apartments

Your present accommodation

under constructio vs ready to move apartment

If you are living in rented premises then rent expense is something you need to consider. Buying a ready to move apartment would save you this cost.

If you finance the property through a home loan, as most individuals do, then Equated Monthly Installment(EMI) would replace the rent expense.

However, buying an under construction apartment would mean that you would have to bear monthly rent and EMI expense too which may upset your budget significantly.

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Specific needs of family members

under construction vs ready to move apartments

For families with elderly people, lower floor apartment is often a priority as it is then possible for them to use the stairs. Higher floors are difficult for them to climb.

However, lower floor availability in a ready to move property is rare as most of the project is sold out by the time it reaches the ready to move stage.

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Your Budget

under construction vs ready to move apartment

Under construction, apartments are cheaper by about 20-40% compared to a similar ready to move property. As the project progresses, rates increase in stages. Apart from the lower price tag, builders also offer a variety of payment plans.

It is possible to get a bigger or a better located under construction apartment in the same budget. Ready to move apartments are costlier. The higher cost may, however, be compensated by the savings in rent.

Choices available

Under construction projects offer a variety of choices. The choice is available in floor, size, facing (pool, club, park, road) or entry direction for the vastu conscious. The chances of finding your dream home are higher in an under construction property rather than a ready to move one.

Ready to move projects have lesser options available, as there is not much inventory available for sale by the time a project reaches the ready to move stage.

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Possession time

Ready to move apartments have zero to one month possession time. So what you see is what you get. Buying a ready to move property is less risky.

There have been instances where Under construction projects have delayed possession resulting in an increased burden on the buyer. But with the advent of RERA law, the real estate sector has been streamlined to a large extent.

As per RERA regulation, the builder is legally bound to pay a penalty of up to 10% of the invested amount in case the possession is delayed.  Also, the payment received by the builder now goes to an escrow account and 70% is locked in and can only be utilized for the construction of the project for which it has been collected.


The decision to whether buy an under construction or a ready to move apartment depends on your family requirements, budget, your choice of apartment and also when you want possession of the property.

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